Here Is My Experience With A Glasgow Roofing Company

So, we bought a property which needed repairs:

The first time we saw the house that we bought for a seemingly good price our reaction was, “yes, maybe we should spend a little here and there before it is good to stay in.” Well, but with time this bubble had to break. By the time we got the interiors estimated for a redoing of the entire house we realized that it meant spending a fortune to get the house back to a state of decent living.

Nevertheless we decided to do all the interiors without cutting any corners. The drawstrings of the purse were left open to the extent that we had exhausted almost seventy percent of our savings. That was when we realized that the roof needed repairs.

But no one was ready to do the repairs per se:

So, we got down to getting estimates from various companies for commissioning the repair work to them. But surprise of surprises, we never had any company forthcoming to do only the repair work for us.

Now, we were quite sure that the repair work to the roof would suffice us and also because we did not want to spent our entire savings off without having anything with us for security. So, we tuck to our guns and decided to wait for someone to come along who would help us do the roof only as much as we wanted to!

And sure enough one did turn up:

These roofers in Glasgow were extremely forthcoming in their offer and transparent in their dealing. They did a complete assessment of our roof and gave us a detailed report on the purported repair work that needs to be undertaken along with the expected deadline when they would be able to deliver the property with the work completed.

We were really satisfied and immediately agreed along with handing over the property and a nominal sum for advance. Sure enough within thirty days, our property was handed back to us with the best quality of work done; hold your breath! Costing us at least a few hundred less than that was estimated!

We were astounded and believe us we have never stopped recommending their company to all and sundry!